Dear $1,000,000
Please help me to sell a $100 product in order make $1,000,000. Help me to sell 9 of those a day. That’s it!
Sincerely, A broke citizen
Dear No
Please get closer to yes
Sincerely, a failure
Dear world
Please submit your letters to
Dear Buffer
Please respect me when Unsubscribed and do not add me to your list again. "Sorry to see you go! You'll no longer receive any Weekly Digest emails. You can manage your email preferences by logging in to your Buffer dashboard and navigating to My Account, then Email Settings.
Sincerely, a client
Dear ex
Do you remember your son? Is his birthday today.
Sincerely, your ex idiot
Aγαπημενη μου μητερα
γιατι δεν μου ειπες οτι ο γαμος ειναι δυσκολος ? Mηπως επειδη ηθελες εγγονια
Mε αγαπη η κορη του ηλιου
Dear Santa
Please top up my gas meter
Sincerely, A father
Dear Mom,
I like christmas and I like my decorations on my wall as well on my christmas tree. In addition I like getting some presents from Santa clause but I heard is not the real one
Sincerely, Your Son
Dear sex life
I just don't Need YOU. The government Fucks me everyday
Sincerely, A citizen
Dear 2016
Please Now is time for you to go please take everything with you because I am sure I will never see you again
Sincerely, 2017
Dear Police
Please I have been a victim for a year and when I called you said you are coming. Is been now a year are you on your way
Sincerely, a Victim
Dear husband
Please do not lie to me again
Sincerely, your wife

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